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With HCIN you pay for what you use and get paid for service your interpreters provide to other network members.


An affordable interpretation service

Health care organizations are constantly looking at ways to apply their resources strategically. If you serve an LEP population, you are already using expensive interpretation resources by pulling staff from other areas of your operation. Even more costly for the provider organization is the risk of delivering poor or ineffective care.

HCIN was developed by experienced hospital administrators with cost as well as quality issues in mind. In addition to very manageable operating costs, the initial capital outlay for equipment and installation is a fraction of what it would have been ten years ago. High-quality video conferencing equipment is now affordable.

Regardless of an organization's size, HCIN offers a solution tailored to its needs. Contact HCIN to learn more.

Learn About Our Quality Interpreters


Contact us

Please contact us to learn more about joining HCIN. We are happy to provide a demonstration of the network and can develop an ROI to help determine the best-fit membership plan for your organization.

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