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Patients and care teams appreciate the speed, simplicity, and convenience of HCIN interpretation.


Everyone who has tried HCIN has adopted it

Satisfaction with HCIN service is high among both patients and clinicians. HCIN has been designed from the ground up for both quality interpretation and easy, seamless use.

The video units are compact and easily accessible. It is a push of a button to call the language that is needed. Above all, the live, trained health care interpreter makes delivering quality care to LEP and ASL patients possible.

“We joined HCIN and our satisfaction ratings for both our patients and providers began going up. I can’t imagine not having HCIN available in our facilities.”
William B. Walker, M.D., Health Services Director, Contra Costa County

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Contact us

Please contact us to learn more about joining HCIN. We are happy to provide a demonstration of the network and can develop an ROI to help determine the best-fit membership plan for your organization.

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