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Find answers to common questions about HCIN, the Network and how it works.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the type of membership that suits your organization's needs.back to top

What if I don’t currently have any interpreters?

HCIN has a membership level for organizations that currently do not employ interpreters. We will review your current costs of providing spoken language interpretation and ASL to your patient population, and suggest the appropriate membership level.back to top

What if I have a large staff of interpreters?

Members with a large number of interpreters can share them with the network to generate income that partially offsets the cost of the interpreters. HCIN will review your interpreter staffing patterns and workload statistics and make suggestions that will improve coverage and maximize your shared interpreter income.back to top

Can I speak with an administrator at a current member hospital?

We are happy to facilitate an introduction to one or more of our member organizations.back to top

How long does implementation take?

Depending on the size of the organization, IT/Telecom infrastructure, wireless or not, number of sites where you want the video units to be deployed, implementation, including training of staff, can range from a few weeks to approximately three months.back to top

How do I determine how many video devices I need?

HCIN installation staff will work with your staff to determine where and how many clinical video units will be needed. HCIN staff will make suggestions based on our 5-year-plus installation experience with a variety of organizations ranging from small hospitals to major academic teaching organizations.back to top

Do we need to install new technology?

HCIN has been installed in organizations with a variety of IT platforms. Our system engineers will work with your IT/Telecom staff to insure a successful installation.back to top

Do you have technical assistance for getting set up?

Yes, our installation and engineering staff will work with your program and technical staff.back to top

What do membership fees fund?

Membership fees fund the cost of maintaining the network 24/7 including system engineering support, monthly data reports, technical assistance as needed, T-1 costs ( if applicable), and hosting fees ( if applicable). The fees also support the Director of Quality and Programs, and a modest administrative infrastructure.back to top

How do we know the quality of interpretation is excellent?

The shared health care interpreters have all gone through a minimum of a 40-hour approved health care interpreter course and have passed an independently evaluated test. HCIN employs a full-time Director of Quality and Programs who works with the interpreter managers and quality assurance staff to develop needed and requested in-service training programs. HCIN.org has become a nationally recognized site for interpreter resources.back to top

How does HCIN compare to other language interpreter services?

HCIN is a unique model that allows member organizations to share their interpreter resources with others in the network including those who do not have any interpreters. Our health care interpreters are employees of the respective members.back to top

How do I learn more?

Contact HCIN Executive Director Frank Puglisi at: fpuglisi@hcin.org or 510-658-2831.back to top


Contact us

Please contact us to learn more about joining HCIN. We are happy to provide a demonstration of the network and can develop an ROI to help determine the best-fit membership plan for your organization.

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