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A high-quality video network that makes it push-button easy to reach the right interpreter immediately.


A no-gaps solution to your hospital's spoken interpretation needs plus ASL

Linking your staff interpreters to HCIN’s network creates a multiplier effect: You leverage the resources you have and tap into a much larger pool of language capability. Through sharing with the network members, your staff becomes more productive. You retain control of your own staff, and receive detailed reports that help you fine-tune your staffing and manage your expenses.


Thirty-eight spoken languages are currently available on demand, through member hospitals. American Sign Language is instantly available 24/7. Approximately 60 additional languages/variants are available by video and/or phone within the network, by advance appointment.

Easy Process

Providers, patients, and interpreters communicate via convenient clinical video units connected to HCIN’s secure, dedicated high-speed video routing network. The response is almost instantaneous.

Management of IT

HCIN maintains the state-of-the-art video routing network between all member organizations. We can integrate the HCIN with your current IT platform.

Multiple Formats

Joining HCIN allows you to provide high-quality interpretation services in multiple modalities. Clinicians still have access to their available in-person interpreters when necessary and can always access HCIN interpreters via phone (voice only) and video (image and voice).

Interested in joining?


Contact us

Please contact us to learn more about joining HCIN. We are happy to provide a demonstration of the network and can develop an ROI to help determine the best-fit membership plan for your organization.

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