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HCIN offers tiered membership plans tailored to your needs at a manageable cost.


Find the right plan for your facility

Full Membership: For hospitals with staff interpreters

Instead of hiring more interpreters, maximize the ones you have. With HCIN, a single interpreter can serve multiple sites without leaving their workstation. You no longer need to over-staff to meet peak demand.

Joining HCIN can triple the productivity of your Spanish interpreters. They spend more of their time interpreting rather than going to various locations and waiting.

Staff interpreters in languages such as Vietnamese, Korean, and Russian can use their down time to take calls from other hospitals – generating income. With HCIN you can reach hospital-based video interpreters in 15 languages, including American Sign Language 24/7.

Junior Membership: For hospitals with high need and no in-house interpreters

Does your hospital lack interpreters? Have you been trying to “get by” with bilingual staff? Regulatory and accrediting organizations now expect you to document the competency of everyone who serves in an interpreting role.

A number of HCIN member hospitals began with no full-time trained and qualified interpreters. After joining HCIN, they hired one or two well-trained Spanish interpreters, who are now available to staff all over the hospital during peak hours. These hospitals hired interpreters only in the language for which they have high internal demand – an appropriate use of resources. All other shifts for coverage and languages are now provided by HCIN at a very low per-minute cost.

Lite Membership: For hospitals with only occasional need for interpreters

HCIN Lite is suited to hospitals with only occasional need for interpretation. For example, your emergency room may need immediate access to American Sign Language 24/7, and you may have Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Vietnamese-speaking patients from time to time. HCIN Lite is a low-cost solution to allow your staff to provide video interpreting for these patients.

Is HCIN right for your hospital?

California organizations that meet any of the following criteria are invited to join the Health Care Interpreter Network:

County hospitals

Community-based clinics

Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans

University of California hospitals

Community and district hospitals not affiliated with larger health care systems

Please call us at 510.658.2831 to discuss your specific needs. We’re happy to provide a demonstration of the network and can develop a custom cost-benefit analysis to help you determine the best membership plan for your organization.


Contact us

Please contact us to learn more about joining HCIN. We are happy to provide a demonstration of the network and can develop an ROI to help determine the best-fit membership plan for your organization.

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